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I Did One Pull Up

I was there. It was amazing.

I didn’t know that I could do it, I hadn’t considered if I should even try.

But it’s good to try new things, isn’t it?

You can, can’t you? I did, and it happened. After all this time, without knowing I had gotten strong enough, I did a pull up.

All the things that meant, so many things. This made so many things possible, probable. I know that you are wondering, what things?

You’re sitting there, trying to imagine this, but you can you know. Can’t you?

As you imagine this, Then you are able to see a picture. Because you are imagining, you can see my struggle.

I was there, I did it, I did one pull up. It was harder than I was thinking I could grow. I didn’t try, I just did.

You might be thinking, “so what? One pull up”? Not much for some. You can likely do 5 or more and you haven’t been in the gym for awhile. Well that’s not me.

I’m 54 and up to 12 weeks ago, I’d basically been on the couch for 35 years. Sad picture yes? Not terrible. I’ve got a great marriage, 5 well rounded, independent kids and a decent living.

So what was the catalyst for the change? A number. The number 100.

It was the number 100 that was the tipping point.

It was the number 100 that pushed me over the cliff.

It was the number 100 that finally got me to get up off the couch and make some changes. You see, the number 100 I’m referring to is the number on the scale. I was 100 pounds over the weight I was when I graduated high school.

Yeah…..that 100.

And so, I decided to make some changes. I had to attack 100.

I made some changes in my diet. Keto.

I started Crossfit.

I changed my mindset. I imagined myself as where I wanted to be, not where I was. I took action.

Twelve weeks along my new path. I’m changed. I’m leaner. I’m stronger. I’m better.

In that time I went from barely having the grip strength to hang from the bar, to one pull up. So yes, it’s big. My classmates knew what a milestone it was, and applause.

I didn’t try, I just did.

Now, more is possible, more is achievable, and more is.

Now my number is 75, but 100 still drives me.

What’s your 100?

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